Crazy paving (random shaped stone) has been used to create paths, garden features and outdoor landscaping for as long as gardeners have been digging the soil! Still popular today, a good landscaper can create a random pattern that imitates the beauty naturally found in nature. The size variations of each piece also makes crazy paving a great option when working with curves in a garden, landscape or home design project. This stone is for the connoisseur of gardens and design. We stock crazy paving Slate, crazy paving Limestone and crazy paving Bluestone.

Crazy pave is the purest form of Natural stone. It is quarried and broken into large natural pieces ready for installation. The stone can be used for all areas including driveways and pool surrounds and is perfect for large stepping stones through gardens & lawn areas.

Random Sandstone

Random Mango Sandstone

Random Titian Crazy Slate

Random Sunset Crazy Slate

Black Velvet Crazy Slate